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King of real

Lions are king of the jungle and Lion's Choice is King of REAL, roasted beef! We thank our loyal customers for regularly choosing Lion's Choice and welcome new customers!

Founded in 1967

The first store was located in Ballwin, MO and was an instant hit. For over four decades, Lion's Choice has stood for high quality, nutritious, real beef sandwiches, and great service.

We cook our beef in the stores every day

Customers love our real, roasted beef sandwich, cooked medium-rare, made to order, sliced thin, and served hot with a dash of secret seasoning on a buttered and toasted bun.

Our lean beef is nutritious

Our signature sandwich is 100% lean beef. High quality, top round of beef. It is lower in fat and higher in protein than most alternatives. What you know for sure: there are no additives.

When I come back home to Saint Louis, Lion’s Choice is for sure my first stop.

You can’t get roast beef that tastes like Lion’s Choice anywhere else.

It’s a totally different fast food restaurant. I typically don’t like to eat fast food, but I’ll eat Lion’s Choice.

You can tell it’s fresh, they cut it right there when you order. It hasn’t been sitting in a freezer or under a heat lamp. It doesn’t taste old and stale.

I just feel better about myself when I eat Lion’s Choice versus eating at the burger and chicken places.

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Lion’s Choice serves you with locations throughout the Saint Louis metropolitan area.